Sell Corporate IT Equipment Safely with RDC

We work with a range of high profile corporate clients taking back their redundant IT hardware. Money 4 My Gadgets is an operating division of award winning RDC (An Arrow Company), recognised as the world’s foremost recycler of used electronics.

What happens to your equipment?

If you choose to sell your redundant IT equipment to us, we ensure that all confidential data stored on computers will not be accessible to unauthorised persons by:

·         Eradicating data using tools and software approved to CESG standards

·         Maintaining a high level of site security and secure processing of equipment

·         Security screening employees

·         Physically destroying data bearing equipment

·         Certificates of data destruction provided

·         On-site data eradication services available

Sell your IT equipment with us

If you’re looking to sell a large quantity of IT equipment, rather than let it get sent to landfill, perhaps an office move, new school equipment or even if you’re upgrading your IT infrastructure then please fill out the form below.

Please include: Quantity, Location, Make, Model, Screen Sizes (Monitors/All-in-ones) and processor information.

For more than twenty years our focus has been to help our clients provide their customers with convenient ways to reuse and recycle their electronic equipment while ensuring data security, sustainability and compliance with environmental regulations.

On return all devices are checked, tested including data wiping to leading industry standards before being graded for sale through our extensive remarketing channels to more than 70 countries. Failed or obsolete devices are responsibly recycled with zero landfill exceeding European waste regulations.

·         Routes to market for used electronics selling over 150,000 used devices every month to more than 70 countries

·         Quality assurance and certification to ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, ISO 18001 Health & Safety, ISO 27001 Security Management, PAS99 Integrated Management System

·         Award winning company with three Queen’s Awards including Sustainability and International Trade

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